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New to the thing called live journal - hellaheatha
New to the thing called live journal
Sorry I'm late! Thought I'd show up fashionably late...little too late I guess. xD

I've been using a little thing called myspace to blog, don't know if you've heard of it or not.

Wondering if I should copy and paste a few of my recent entries into here, but maybe I'll just start fresh.

Well onward then. Summer is almost over, I can't wait to get out of here and back to school. I'm done with my shitty job, the shitty people that work there, and the pneumonia I have. So I guess that means I'm on the hunt for a new job this fall to, and I better make somewhere I like.

But I'm getting off track. School. Well I have an unexpected roommate who is a freshmen.  A freshmen who thought Caitlyn, Nancy, and I were all freshmen and about flipped when she found out we weren't . Nancy is probably not going to survive with wedding plans between Caitlyn and I. Long story that maybe I'll explain later.

As for now I'm going to keep popping the pills to get over this pneumonia, find some friends to add to this thing, and start packing for school.

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