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Boys - hellaheatha
Isn't that always the subject?

A this moment in my life I could kick a few of them, but who knows about tomorrow? I could fall in love all over again and more then likely I will.
Sometimes I think I leap to far to fast with my feelings. I see a boy, make nice and fall heels over head. He of course never notices, or if he does he runs a at least a mile in another direction.
I'm having a new outlook though as a head back to school. I'm going to be confident and strut my stuff, if I have stuff to strut. I'm gonna chill and and express my feelings if they should arise towards "a certain someone".

Well now that thats out of my system. I'm feeling quite a bit better today. My mother and I moved a few items into my dorm and I can't wait to be living back at Bethany.I'm still a bit worried about the new roommate and Nancy who I almost killed on choir tour (and that was only 2 weeks long). Caitlyn and I will tough it out though. I'm also thinking about changing my major but don't know if Bethany has interior design. Ah well, I'll just finish up my generals and Bethany at least.

Tomorrow I head to Rochester to hang with my grandparents. My grandfather has a spot on his kidney, his one and only. They are gonna try to remove it on Wednesday.  We are all hoping and praying for the best. I'm sure all will go well.

Well now I must return to That 70s Show.
Goodnight  and good luck!

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