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hellaheatha's Journal

11 November 1987
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The name is Heather Hjelle and I listen to music more than you masturbate. I'm a hopeless romantic, I want to be swept off my feet by a prince, or whatever handsome man happens to be there at the time.I want to ride off into the sunset on his horse. Sure,I'm asking for a lot, but I guess it could be the sunrise, if need be. My friends are my life, they give me energy and hope. I love being with as many of them as I possibly can. Living in a fairly small town we all have become close and had heart wrenching,life changing experiences. I like to think very highly of myself,as I am perfect, but I do have my doubts and fears.I do fear the future from time to time, worrying that I will never see someone ever again or ever experience a similar joy.I hate conflict and avoid it at all cost. I just recently departed my high school of Waseca, and have future plans at Bethany Lutheran in Mankato, where I hope to become the person you dream of.